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Delicious, quality food!

Janet, 21 May 2021

Absolutely delicious, great quality food, thanks! As quick as you would want your dinner cooked (any quicker and you might doubt the quality)

Janet, 21 May 2021

Very easy to order, timely delivery, good food.

Chris, 24 Apr 2021

We had a takeaway on April 9th from you. Usually your food is very tasty and fresh but unfortunately on that day the meat was o we cooked and both dishes tasted as if they’d been warmed up from a previous day. Very disappointed because we normally really enjoy your food. It was also my wife’s birthday so that was doubly disappointing. Interestingly we were talking to some friends yesterday who had ordered a takeaway from you on the same evening and they felt the same way as us. We did try to convince them that normally your food is very good.

Peter Howard, 17 Apr 2021

Hi - we ordered a takeaway on April 9th and were very disappointed with it. The two dishes we ordered tasted like they’d been watmed up from a previous day. The meat in both was dry and overcooked and even the general taste lacked something. This is the first time we’ve experienced this from you - your food usually tastes so good and freshly cooked. It was my wife’s birthday so it was doubly disappointing. Interestingly we were talking to some friends who had the same experience on the same evening and it has put them off your restaurant. We did tell them that normally your food is excellent.

Peter Howard, 17 Apr 2021

Great food great service

Thomas, 01 Apr 2021

very good

Danny, 31 Mar 2021

always love your food thanks guys!

Patrizia, 27 Mar 2021

Having ordered from you 3 times now, delivery 2 times and collection once. The first time we got it delivered it took 2 hours to come, we were offered a £13 voucher off for next time as an apology. We then order again using the voucher and it took an hour and a half to come! We thought of doing collection the third time as it said it would take 35 mins. We went to the restaurant and was sitting there waiting for a further 40 minutes! 75 minutes altogether! Although the food is amazing and truly loved it we will not order again due to the time it takes to get the food. There was no apology while I was sitting in the restaurant for 40 minutes also!

Lizzie, 06 Mar 2021

Fantastic food and friendly service!

Martin, 26 Feb 2021

Lovely food but need to be more accurate about how long it will take to deliver

Susie, 20 Feb 2021

One of the best curry houses in a 5 mile radius.

Steven, 20 Feb 2021

We always order from Lal Akash as the best Indian Curry in New Malden

James, 12 Feb 2021

Great always

Shannon, 30 Jan 2021

Delicious food but over a 2 hour wait is unacceptable

Julie, 24 Jan 2021

Great food. Impressed by the way these chaps are prompt and they really focus on distancing when delivering. Weekly order these days

Malcolm, 22 Jan 2021

Good value always good food

Kevin, 15 Jan 2021

My previous meal last week was great but one of the dishes received was incorrect. I ordered lamb Parsi dhansak and received a chicken dish which was quite hot. Just letting you know. I did not it I just ate the other dish which was fine. Possible someone else may have got the Parsi dhansak by Mistake. No worries though.

David, 31 Dec 2020

This is the best Indian restaurant around here

Mark, 24 Dec 2020

Great food, reasonable prices

Andrew, 18 Dec 2020

Brilliant food, brilliant service. Much appreciated

Malcolm, 11 Dec 2020

Really nice last time so ordering again

Malcolm, 05 Dec 2020

Been eating here for 25 years - always excellent! Thanks, Guys!

Dai, 28 Nov 2020

Best curry in new malden

Simone, 28 Nov 2020

Very easy to use website

John, 12 Nov 2020

Really good food from Lal Akash

Nigel, 01 Nov 2020